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A great assortment of 9 rockets, each with different effects including red and green stars, crackle, whistle, colored palms, red and green crossettes, green falling leaves, pistil and golden comet effects.
These bad boys soar higher than any other rocket we have then break high in the sky to assorted effects including stars, crackle, palms and glitter. 6 assorted rockets per pack.
The largest of our Party Pack assortments. This pack creates an instant party with the perfect mix of Black Cat fountains and aerials.
This safe and sane assortment is filled with fountains, snappers, firecrackers and other items that stay on the ground.
This safe and sane tote bag assortment is filled with Black Cat fountains, snappers, snakes, sparklers, crackling balls and various sizes of poppers and more.
The Beast lives up to its name with a variety of aerial items including Black Cat Diablo 24 canister shells.
Every celebration needs a Party Animal and we have the perfect match! This family pack is full of Black Cat artillery shells, fountains, multi-shots and aerials.
This party in a box is full of Black Cat items large and small to give you a complete display.
This safe and sane assortment is a perfect mix of Black Cat items that all stay on the ground with fountains, spinners and sparklers.


Loud and Nasty.  12 shots with huge loud breaks.
Fox Paratrooper.  2 inch mammoth parachute with red smoke or green smoke.
25 Shots.  Silver whirlwind to blue peony
16 Shots.  Red tail up to gold palm and red star; Red tail up to gold palm and white glitter; Red tail up to gold palm and green star; Eject color falling leaves and blue star; White glitter mines red tail up to red star and white glitter.

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