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Fun in a bag! The right mix of fun novelties to kick off your celebration. A perfect grab and go option.
Let them know where you are with this big pack of missile bases, artillery shells and multi-shot cakes. You can’t hide with this one!
This safe and sane assortment is filled with sparklers, snappers and smoke – the perfect family pack to kick off the party.
Boom Box.  An all aerial cake assortment with 9 different multi-shot cakes (2 500gram & 7 200gram) 174 shots total. Red, White & Wild,  24 shots Chart Topper,  24 shots K-Pop,  16 shots Crowning Glory,  19 shots Sonic Storm,  16 shots Hit It!,  20 shots Chasin’ Tail,  20 shots Noisy Boys,  15 shots Maximum Impact,  20 shots
This is a safe & sane assortment filled with a variety of color effects, novelties, and sparklers.
This assortment has both ground and aerial style fireworks including single ball artillery shells, multi-shot cakes, fountains, snappers and ground bloom flowers.
This assortment is filled with the best Black Cat products – fountains, multi-shots, artillery shells, saturn missile bases and more!
This safe and sane assortment is packed full of fountains, smoke, sparklers, poppers, snappers and more!
This safe and sane tote bag assortment is filled with Black Cat fountains, snappers, snakes, sparklers, crackling balls and various sizes of poppers and more.
A budget friendly firework assortment filled with chickens, colored smoke balls, sparklers, snappers and cones.
Every celebration needs a Party Animal and we have the perfect match! This family pack is full of Black Cat artillery shells, fountains, multi-shots and aerials.
This party in a box is full of Black Cat items large and small to give you a complete display.
This safe and sane assortment is a perfect mix of Black Cat items that all stay on the ground with fountains, spinners and sparklers.
The largest of our Party Pack assortments. This pack creates an instant party with the perfect mix of Black Cat fountains and aerials.
This safe and sane assortment is filled with fountains, snappers, firecrackers and other items that stay on the ground.
This assortment is packed with all high quality Black Cat products with a wide variety of multi-shots, artillery shells, fountains, and novelty items.  


Stars and light and celestial delight. Thirty seven shots with alternating whistling tails to red stars with crackling, whistling tails to green bouquets and whistling tails to blue bouquets. Then there is quickened red tails to red stars with crackling, green glittering tails to green glittering willows, and purple tails to crackling willows. 37 SHOTS
Concern mounts as plumes of red and white rise to the sky. They cause fallout of green, blue and yellow bouquets, crackling, spinners and whistling. This isn’t toxic; It’s intoxicating. 37 SHOTS
A sky brightened by alternating mine effects of white glittering to red and green stars, and white crackling to lemon and purple stars. An eight shot finale of large chrysanthemums and then …Fade to Black. 64 SHOTS
Original price was: $119.99.Current price is: $99.99.
Deep, blood-red tail to ruby dahlias with white strobes. Loud crackle finale!

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