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Fireworks in New Milford, Pa

Are you looking for Fireworks in New Milford, PA? Get the best deals at Spectacular Fireworks and check out our wide selection of fireworks- big and small!

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New Milford, PA

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Free Fireworks are Back at Spectacular Fireworks

Shop for fireworks at Spectacular Fireworks and receive free fireworks! This season, our Pyro Rewards are back and we are offering FREE FIREWORKS with every $300 purchase. Shop in-store for exclusive deals and check out our new rewards flyer. We are stocked with 100’s of fireworks and are the largest retailer of Black Cat fireworks in the country. Bring the best fireworks show to your backyard!

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Fireworks in New Milford, PA


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Fireworks in New York or Pennsylvania. We’ve got’em! Shop hundreds of the best and biggest fireworks in our showroom where you can see them before you buy them with our multiple TVs.
Stars and light and celestial delight. Thirty seven shots with alternating whistling tails to red stars with crackling, whistling tails to green bouquets and whistling tails to blue bouquets. Then there is quickened red tails to red stars with crackling, green glittering tails to green glittering willows, and purple tails to crackling willows. 37 SHOTS
Concern mounts as plumes of red and white rise to the sky. They cause fallout of green, blue and yellow bouquets, crackling, spinners and whistling. This isn’t toxic; It’s intoxicating. 37 SHOTS
A sky brightened by alternating mine effects of white glittering to red and green stars, and white crackling to lemon and purple stars. An eight shot finale of large chrysanthemums and then …Fade to Black. 64 SHOTS
Original price was: $119.99.Current price is: $99.99.
Deep, blood-red tail to ruby dahlias with white strobes. Loud crackle finale!

Welcome to Spectacular Fireworks, located in New Milford, Pennsylvania

Spectacular Fireworks is your year-round destination for fireworks, located off I-81 and exit 219 next to Flying J Travel Center

Shop the biggest bangs, brightest colors, and largest selection of Black Cat fireworks. 100% no dud guarantee!

Come shop for fireworks in our 7,800 square foot showroom for the biggest and best fireworks at the lowest price. Meet our Pyro Experts and browse over a 100 different products where you can see them before you buy them with our multiple TVs.

*All fireworks are now legal to Pennsylvania residents without a permit*

Fireworks in New Milford, PA

Light Up Your Skies with Spectacular Fireworks:

Your Trusted Fireworks Store in New Milford!

Fireworks have always been the hallmark of jubilant occasions, illuminating the night sky with bursts of color and excitement. In the scenic landscape of Pennsylvania, Spectacular Fireworks in New Milford stands out as a beacon of celebration, offering not only a wide array of fireworks but also unparalleled expertise to both enthusiasts and newcomers.

Spectacular Fireworks in New Milford, PA

Situated in New Milford, Pennsylvania, our Spectacular Fireworks store proudly boasts a spacious 7,800 square foot building, making it a prominent landmark for fireworks aficionados in the area. Whether you’re planning an intimate backyard gathering or a grand community event, Spectacular Fireworks in New Milford has everything you need to make your celebration truly memorable.
Fireworks in New Milford, PA
Fireworks in New Milford, PA

What Sets Spectacular Fireworks Apart?

What truly distinguishes Spectacular Fireworks is not just the size of our store but the wealth of experience our staff brings to the table. With over 40 years of combined experience in the fireworks industry, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and guidance to every customer who walks through our doors. Whether you’re seeking advice on selecting the perfect assortment for your event or tips on safety and execution, our knowledgeable staff is here to help.

Why Choose Spectacular Fireworks?

When it comes to purchasing fireworks, the choice of where to shop matters. Here are a few reasons why Spectacular Fireworks in New Milford should be your go-to destination:

  • Extensive Selection: With a vast array of fireworks housed within our 7,800 square foot facility, Spectacular Fireworks ensures that every customer finds precisely what they’re looking for, whether it’s for Independence Day, New Year’s Eve, or any other special occasion.

  • Convenient Location: Conveniently located off I-81 South at exit 219, Spectacular Fireworks in New Milford is easily accessible, saving you from lengthy travels and ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience.

  • Expert Assistance: Our team’s expertise goes beyond merely selling fireworks; we’re committed to providing personalized assistance and recommendations to ensure that your fireworks display exceeds expectations while prioritizing safety.
Fireworks in New Milford, PA

Contact Spectacular Fireworks Now!

Ready to add a touch of brilliance to your celebration? Visit us at Spectacular Fireworks in New Milford, Pennsylvania. For directions, inquiries, or expert advice on selecting the perfect fireworks for your event, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Let us help you make your next celebration truly spectacular!

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