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With over 100 lbs of fire power, the Godfather packs the ultimate mix of 500 gram cakes, multi-shots, fountains and artillery shells.    
This safe and sane assortment is packed full of fountains, smoke, sparklers, poppers, snappers and more!
A budget friendly firework assortment filled with chickens, colored smoke balls, sparklers, snappers and cones.
Let them know where you are with this big pack of missile bases, artillery shells and multi-shot cakes. You can’t hide with this one!
This assortment is jam packed with all aerial items featuring some of our best multi-shot cakes and artillery shells.
A classic item from Black Cat. Their bottle rockets soar higher and break louder than the competition. 144 bottle rockets per pack.
This rocket soars upward with whistling tails and a loud report break, but with extra effects of red, green, silver and crackle.
These rockets whistle as they fly into the sky and ends with a loud bang. 144 bottle rockets per pack.
A high quality Black Cat 7″ cone fountain with rich gold and silver sparkling showers.


Loud and Nasty.  12 shots with huge loud breaks.
Fox Paratrooper.  2 inch mammoth parachute with red smoke or green smoke.
25 Shots.  Silver whirlwind to blue peony
16 Shots.  Red tail up to gold palm and red star; Red tail up to gold palm and white glitter; Red tail up to gold palm and green star; Eject color falling leaves and blue star; White glitter mines red tail up to red star and white glitter.

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