Multi-Shots 500 Grams

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A case of 4 multi-shot cakes with 144 total shots! Colorful and unique effects including lace and falling leaves!
Wow! Did you see that? Nine huge shots of golden brocade. 9 SHOTS


15 shots of shimmering white, gold, purple, green, blue, gold colors with glittering mines, comets, stars and brocade effects.
Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $33.33.
This 500 gram cake is bright and beautiful with 15 shots of flower brocade and red and blue stars, delayed crackle willow and green tips.
Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $40.00.
36 shots of continuous flower crown breaks with red and blue stars.
30 fierce breaks of gold, silver willows with color pearls.
16 shots of yellow, red, silver, purple, green and gold with palms and glitter and a finale of crackling mine to time rain chrysanthemum.
Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $40.00.
A combo pack of 4 Brothers 500 grams cakes with 49 shots each (196 shots total). This assortment is filled with big bouquets, tails, glitter, willows, crackling and comets. Bright blue, red, green, silver, gold, yellow and purple light up the sky. Each cake has a different finale. Check out the video for more details!  
Mummy Dust.  20 Shot Cake.  Bloody red bursting and eject green glitter and green fish.  Green peony bursting and eject red glitter and red fish.  Dark blue bursting and eject white glitter and silver fish.  Gold pine bursting and eject blue star and yellow leaves.  Gold ti-willow bursting and eject blue star and color leaves.
42 shots of glowing red, blue and green colors with tails, chrysanthemum willow, and peony effects.
48 shots of alternating crackling mines, glitter, big bouquets, stars and tails. Tons of crackle and glitter!
Neon Cowboy.  126 shot cake.  Purple tip gold palm comet.  Blue tip gold palm comet.  Red silk ball.  Green silk ball.  Yellow silk ball.  Purple silk ball.  Gold palm silk ball.  Blue tip gold palm comet.  Purple tip gold palm comet. Red star bursting.  Crackle bursting.  Green bursting.  Purple bursting.
Vivid neon colors, 12 shots of orange, yellow, purple and white with glittering mines to dahlia effects.
Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $40.00.
Red bouquets and white glitter, crackling and alternating. 9 SHOTS
Original price was: $109.99.Current price is: $84.99.
Loud whistle effect with each shot! Green glittering mine, tails, green and red stars and gold chrysanthemums.  15 Shots.
Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $33.33.
A combination of tails, palms and strobes effects with red, gold, white, and green colors. Big white strobe with chrysanthemum, sizzling white with strobe, brocade crown and gold willow effects. 36 Shots


Stars and light and celestial delight. Thirty seven shots with alternating whistling tails to red stars with crackling, whistling tails to green bouquets and whistling tails to blue bouquets. Then there is quickened red tails to red stars with crackling, green glittering tails to green glittering willows, and purple tails to crackling willows. 37 SHOTS
Concern mounts as plumes of red and white rise to the sky. They cause fallout of green, blue and yellow bouquets, crackling, spinners and whistling. This isn’t toxic; It’s intoxicating. 37 SHOTS
A sky brightened by alternating mine effects of white glittering to red and green stars, and white crackling to lemon and purple stars. An eight shot finale of large chrysanthemums and then …Fade to Black. 64 SHOTS
Original price was: $119.99.Current price is: $99.99.
Deep, blood-red tail to ruby dahlias with white strobes. Loud crackle finale!

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